Stefan Milev


Stefan Milev takes the viewer into a world of analog black and white photography inspired by early art photographers such as Alvin Langdon Coburn, George Seeley and Man Ray.

With his masterful use of techniques such as light painting and double exposures, Milev creates fascinating works in which people take center stage - sensitively and empathetically portrayed, surrounded by an aura of the mystical and abstract.

In the words of the artist: “Mental freedom is the air I breathe. I am generally influenced by life, I see myself as an observer and visualist who loves simplicity and time.”

Milev's works have already been exhibited in international art capitals such as New York, Paris and London and have gained worldwide recognition.


Stefan Milev likes to work in analog, preferring black and white. He develops many of his works himself and this process-based approach, from the initial idea to the realization and creation of the work, lends the photographs an authenticity that speaks directly to the viewer despite the high degree of stylization and alienation.

Techniques of double exposure, which give the impression of merging picture planes, appear alongside sharply contrasted and sharply delineated picture surfaces. Painting” with light in the picture also supports this aesthetic and creates surprising effects, often lending Stefan's pictures an aura of the mystical.

The depictions possess a subtle charm that attracts, enchants and also unsettles the viewer. It is as if they are looking into levels and states of being that exist but elude their perception in an attempt to focus.

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