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We are very pleased to represent the Peruvian artist Geenss Archenti, with our gallery, here in Germany. Archenti is one of the few artists who are able to visually and authentically bring to life the magical world of the South American shamans.

His paintings are unique testimonies of a sphere that remains hidden to most of us. All the more we are very pleased to present Geenss here in Hamburg.

The rare originals of this extraordinary master can be found in numerous private collections and museums worldwide.

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Geenss Archenti was born in the city of Tarapoto/San Martín in Peru. He is a self-taught artist who works with natural pigments extracted from resins, saps and fruits of the forests of Peru. Inspired by the sacred medicine of the indigenous people of the Amazon, he calls the colors he uses "medicinal pigments."

It is the deep jungles of Peru that bring to life the artistic exuberance in Geenss Archenti's brushstrokes, which capture the power and richness of daily indigenous life.

The essence that gives life to Geenss Archenti's painterly work owes its expressiveness and richness of color and form to the jungles of Peru that give birth to his works. "I draw dreams, shape emotions, paint life ... it makes me free," says the artist himself about his work.

Available Artworks


“Garden of Love”



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