“Dimensional Drift”

19.10.2023 bis 19.11.2023

Proembrion & Konstantin Bax

“Dimensional Drift”

We are very pleased to present to you in our upcoming exhibition "Dimensional Drift", two masters of abstract painting. The artists Proembrion and Konstantin Bax create on the 2-dimensional canvas subtle sculptures that captivate the viewer with their attention to detail and wild energy.

Both artists studied architecture before deciding to devote themselves fully to painting.

You can see the formal technical knowledge in their works, but at the same time you feel a mystery that defies any description. Konstantin Bax and Proembrion explore in their works the structures of the cosmos and thus create pictorial worlds that astonish and, in a peculiar way, also appear very familiar.

"Dimensional Drift" transports you to distant galaxies of creativity and arouses curiosity, about the universe and our place in it. This exhibition is a testament to the power of art to expand the boundaries of human imagination.

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VERNISSAGE Thursday, 19th of Oct. from 7pm

PARTY Saturday, 21st of Oct. from 8pm

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Meet the Artists

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Konstantin Bax

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